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Ladies Only

limited spaces

Sunday 10th March 2019 @ 7pm

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Lack of motivation, inconsistent, lack of support, stuck on nutrition, not getting results.....If this is you or any ladies you know, I will hold your hands over those hurdles to a healthier you, fitter you, confident you!

This isn't your standard walk in, workout and walk out session, then you're back at square one by the next fitness class.

Fitsters will help you on your journey to set you up for growth of the healthier you. Strengthening the entire body with different exercises to shape and reduce those difficult areas, help you lose any excess weight that you've been trying to keep off or no longer want to carry around, while correcting your techniques so you feel comfortable when exercising alone. 

It doesn't take as long as you may think it does to have a good and effective 

workout, where you feel strong, sazzy and confident.

You can still go to work, attend to family and friends, arrange your own business work, attend meetings, cook dinner and even have time for a relaxing bath. You don't have to workout for 2 hours.  

Join us and I will help you for 4 weeks in our group Personal Training blocks.

If you want to get fit, stay fit, start your healthy fitness journey or just want a great workout.

Starting on Sunday 10th March 2019.

Every Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm, except for Sunday 31st March at 7.30pm.

45 minutes of sweating, fat burning, body toning and strength training exercises working towards a better you. 

I will be training with you ladies and showing you my favourite exercises that has helped me stay around my pre-babies size, after having 4 children and exercises and nutritional guidance that my previous client has seen great results with. 

Tell your lady friends and family to sign up and join in. Places are limited so join quick! All fitness levels welcome. Join us. There will always be modifications if needed.

Once you are booked in our 4 weeks transformation course you will receive an email with more details, including info about the goodies you will get every week and as a bonus on complete of this course will receive a gift.





When I started Fitsters classes I had not done exercise 8 years prior. I was someone who was not interested in exercise what so ever. I would rather eat a nice chocolate cake…I went onto muay thai classes and I do believe if I did not attend the Fitsters classes there is no way I would have wanted to progress…..” 

—  Umm Hamza

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