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You got this!
I am waiting for you to manifest your milestones.

I see you Queen!

I am proud of your step to enrol and move the needle and you should be proud of yourself too. You are ready to Discover You. You are ready for the upward trajectory. You are ready to better your mindset, health, fitness and wellness. You are ready to inspire you. Because Allah has placed you here for a reason. 

This beta course is nearly 75% off the normal price 1-1 package, with a limited amount of space available for the Queens ready to embark on a new, progressing, healthier journey that will give us all the opportunity to help each other.

You help me tweak and iron out some of the creases, so I can make this course better for others, while I help you create sustainable habits for your overall wellness physically and mentally. In shaa Allah.

At £400 with many options of monthly instalments, spread even up to 6 months direct debit so you don't have to think about remembering to make payments, but focus on yourself and steadily growing and appreciating your progress.

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