Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Having a house full of little and young, bubbly and beautiful busy bodies I don't always get the option of strolling steadily to the kitchen and taking my time in making something to satisfy our hunger. It's more like "QUICK! Everyone is hungry don't take too long". So oats is the best quick, healthy, simple, goody for us. With a few simple instructions even the children can do it themselves. Encouraging them to eat well by allowing them to help out in the kitchen has worked for me. Thankfully I don't have any continuous fuss pots.... just occasionally, but they still eat what they are given, so this is a bonus. I enjoy both the bowls and the cups of oats. For me I find drinking easier than using a spoon. Always being on the move or doing couple things at the same time is probably the reason why, oh and it's less messy if you have to move quickly for whatever reason.

I think that oaty breakfasts are the most versatile, freestyle brekie you can get! Anything and everything goes, well obviously not anything....but you know what I mean. You can add at least 4 different ingredients especially when blending. Don't you agree?

I eat my breakfast when I am hungry. Sometimes as soon as I wake up properly or after a few errands, which normally isn't too long when I begin to get hungry. I prefer oats as it fills us more than standard which we hardly buy. The standard cereals don't keep us satisfied for long enough.


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