Exercise is a celebration of enhancement to our body.

1000% I AGREE!!

Thankfully this mindset of exercise is a punishment is decreasing.

However, still many people associate exercise with some form of cruelty to their body that is agonising, far too long, not quick enough results in trying to mould, shape and squeeze at their bodies like some type of punishment for the satisfaction of others, or of what may seem popular in the media in that season, at that second, or for someone’s enjoyment and a lil of their own….


I used to train for long. Not that I thought to do so due to food, but enjoyment. Or, my mind trying to change something on my body in a long hard workout,

like it could be bought and some-how appear on my body, fixed after the workout was complete.LOL!

This may have been the mindset when scoffing our face with foods that are processed, full of sugar, additives and preservatives and then go for a run or to the gym for a minimum of 1 hour and a half yet, to complain ‘the food still makes me feel the same’ and ‘I train so long I should have reached my goal by now’ or just fall asleep. Not through being busy all day, but due to the lack of movement and nutritious eating. Eat mindfully.

My training changed from becoming busier and more children. Short but smart, effective and functional is my philosophy which I have lived by for many years. This has aided me in being able to stay physically active as a mum, not only up and down due to my children, but through exercise body movement of my choice.

The benefits I have found maintaining this lifestyle are encompassed in everything that I do. All areas of my being. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have gained immensely from having time to focus, meditate, contemplate, strengthen, smile through my movements with the outcome of a better me.

Eat with the intention of nourishing your body and exercise to enhance it.

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