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Best Natural Clay Face Mask

Not everyone has the time to relax, slowly paste and smooth an amazing mask on their face. Especially when you have a few children, a husband, a business, studies and other errands to attend to. This is one reason why I love face masks, because you don’t always have to be in the bath, in silence, in order to put it on your face. Lol.

I travelled to East for this a market opening and this stall caught my eye immediately. 'Handmade', 'Natural' was my eyes go to. I needed a face mask that could try to help remove some toxins from my pours, especially in our current climate. The owner was very polite and helpful when asking question about her products.

This particular clay face mask with lemon and tea tree essential oils is one of the best that I have used in many ways, for a long time.

My skin is a mix of a little dry to normal and can be very sensitive at times, depending on the ingredients inside the products I use on my skin and the weather.

Firstly, the texture of the mask is smooth and easy to apply. It stays on my face and doesn’t actually get too tight, to the point where my face feels like its tearing, which then makes it harder to remove. It is a silky 10/10.

Secondly, the smell is subtle. It doesn’t have a strong smell other than like bentonite clay, that I prefer with my face masks. But, it does have a slight hint of tea tree essential oil which is normally associated with anti-bacterial or some sort of clean connotation. So I give it a 10/10.

Thirdly, when I remove the mask it is simple and doesn’t take too long. It’s not messy, like some other products I have used. They end up remaining in the cupboard while other masks are chosen first.

And lastly, it has a few of my favour ingredients for my face: glycerine, vitamin E and Aloe Barbadensis, just to mention a few.

You can find this clay face mask and other natural products at and

Some of the benefits:

Glycerin can helps the stages of skin maturity, also enhancing the look of your skin. Helps keep the moisture locked in

Vitamin E Topical vitamin E has emerged as a popular treatment for a number of skin disorders owing to its antioxidant properties. It absorbs easily in the skin while leaving a shine. It is also great for being a shield for free radical damage caused by effects of the environment and is great for skin repair.

Aloe Barbadnsis has a calming effect on the skin and has been show to reduce inflammation and itchiness.


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