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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

You start with good intentions, your determination is there, your enthusiasm is there, you book your fitness sessions, get an outfit, good to go!

You’ve been training for a few weeks, months, trying to get into a routine but for some reason the determination is beginning to fade, the momentum isn’t there, the enthusiasm isn’t there, although the intention is still there, but that’s about it. You didn’t manage to stick to it enough to form a habit, so now that’s out of the window until the beginning of next year.

Many times we have things in our goal list that was there last year and the year before, and the year before that. Oh and one of this years goals too.

…….sound familiar?

Having always been into fitness I can say that there are not many things that are needed for success in losing weight, toning the body and making it apart of your lifestyle. Even if you have been training for many years but slack for a year or so, your body shape will begin to change. Some just little and some very dramatic, however it does depend on different factors such as metabolism, daily activity, and other things….. so the good news is that you don’t have to train so hard for the rest of your life. Once you get to your goal, maintaining isn’t so hard. Its not about becoming skinny, its about being healthy and losing any bad fat that is damaging to your health and confidence. Once you jump that hurdle and see results you will love it!

Here are a few tips that has always helped me for years after having 4 children:


Your mind is a powerful tool that is the core of everything that you do. You know the saying ‘mind over matter’

What are you trying to achieve? Imagine what you will look like and how you will feel after you achieve your short-term goals, which is just a step to your long term goal. Schedule it in as an unmissable appointment, weather you want to attend or not. Think about the feeling of you being toned, healthier, fitting into the clothes that you once wore, flat stomach, whatever your goals are.

Don’t be afraid to work for what you want. It’s your choice to make changes that are for the better. Have a good ‘brain buddy’ that tells you that you want this because of ….and all the reason that this will benefit you. Then tell yourself what are the reason that it will not benefit you and see which one outweighs the other…have confidence, courage. Take control over your desires.


Ensuring that you are consistent in your exercise routine, your new healthy eating habits, your time for yourself and your priority for your wellbeing. Slotting in your fitness daily at the same times or on your chosen days helps to encourage structure and regularity with your time, as well as it helps your body get used to what you do and when you train it. Being inconsistent won’t get you results as quick as you may want, and if you do see some results it will change quicker than you know. It is easier to quit, but harder to start again!


What I mean is, by eating healthy foods to help in your journey are no processed foods, cheap pre-packed frozen foods, food high in saturated fats, loads of starchy carbs and very few fruit and veg.

For a start, having a fridge makeover may help….well more like a kitchen makeover, ‘no hiding the biscuits’!

I find that when I have food cravings, keeping those foods far away is much easier than trying to have a staring battle to see whose strongest…..coz you will lose! Hands

Also eating at certain times can have an effect on your weight, even your mood. Food is a natural medicine.


Scientist say that water is around 65% of our body. It helps with the functioning of your organs, elimination of waste and your digestion. Your body needs to stay hydrated for it to function correctly. I find that if I don’t drink enough water for my body I can feel the difference within the same day. It also helps to drink water in order to fill that 1/3 gap in your stomach. 1/3 for air, 1/3 for food and 1/3 for water. This is how we should portion our consumption. Not 2/3 food, no water and 1/3 air were we can just about speak because we are excessively full of food. I personally drink as much water as I can especially as I exercise and the water that I drink throughout the day is released due to physical activities. It also makes you full without the calories. If you find drinking water difficult, try using a drinking water app.


As long as I can remember I have trained before eating. I did try on many occasions to eat about 30 minutes before, but by that time was over I didn't have as much motivation, deep into doing something else or didn't feel in the mood and wanted to continue my day. On the days I did do a work it felt very uncomfortable. I didn't feel like my stomach had finished digesting what I ate or drank. All the calories I had were there to burn off, not necessarily fuel me.

In contrast when I train on an empty stomach, the hunger feeling I have doesn't stay for long. I feel much lighter and I sometimes think I need to finish this so I can eat! LOL

This is now known to us as a being in a state of ketosis, which I will write about on another page.

After my workouts I have so much energy, I just need to put some nutrients back.

Sometimes when you’re hungry you tend to think with your stomach and not your brain making unhealthy food decisions. Adding superfoods would be a fantastic start to your day. Healthy fats, protein, fibre and antioxidants are all good choices.

Fitster ;)


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