I have noticed everywhere; on many platforms that those who manage to be ‘out there’ more seem to have one child or no children. I’ve also noticed that everybody’s preference in their places to train, exercise and learn are obviously different. However, I have not blatantly come across a female who has more than 2 children and many different roles who is also well known in the industry or seen as a motivator.

The reason why I mention this is because so many of us hammer down on ourselves when we have more roles than the people who we look at. We see someone achieving something that we feel that we can and should achieve and try to follow that, but what we don’t do is grasp the fact every part of our situation, state, role, life is not the same. I am me. You are you. And they are them! They may not have no responsibilities. Or they have one child. Or they have two children with an au pair. They have a small family. They have a big family with loads of help. Whatever the case is, remember it’s not yours. Using them as a tool is cool, but when it’s guidelines to getting this amount of rest, travelling, doing this many things, going everywhere, you must go easy on yourself. And I say this to myself first because I do this. Look at what you can do and how far you have come, not at what you can’t do, or they can do and what you have failed due to your own situation. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Having a community that is similar is also very helpful.

Here are 3 must do’s after having more children:


When you have children and many other activities to do, you don’t always get that hour spare time to workout uninterrupted or even at the time that you put down in your schedule. If your hard on yourself like I am, you will tell yourself ‘Right!...Okay later when I finished every single thing on the tick list I will then put all the kids down to sleep and have an hour workout, or wake up hours before the whole house and do it……’ Does this sound like you? It does happen, can happen, but may not always happen like that...But it can be done. I tell myself that if I don’t make an effort to stay healthy and fit, things won’t get done as effective or efficient. Also, I am a role models for my children so this is a must for me. If I can get 30 minutes in the mornings, I am chuffed. This goes down as another key step in starting my days.


Wanting to reach for other juices besides water, sometimes doesn’t have any benefit especially when you need something to quench your thirst. I actually stopped buying juices and dilute drink in my home many years ago, especially when your children tell you that they only want juices and never ask for water. So, I found eliminating it from the kitchen and home was easier for both them and myself. The sugar content for drink is high which didn’t make me feel comfortable giving my children all the time. For me regarding drink, if it was out of sight it will be out of mind. Having a bottle helps me stay hydrated with water as I find it easier to drink from and carry. If there is any left over and I need to pop out, I just put it in the bag I am carrying with me so I can grab and drink at any time. Personally water is more comforting. All other beverages, when thirsty just makes me want more of it or make too bloated.


Things always pop up, but your effort is what counts. You can be your own worst enemy at times and become so hard on yourself for what I would call your ‘own underachievement’ that you have forgotten that you have sorted all or part of the home, feed a whole family and technically looked after everyone and managed to get some things of your own hobbies also complete……that is something!! Every second is an opportunity to achieve better results that you did the second before so don’t ponder on the possible negative previous second, but on what you need to correct and do better the next time that you may have. Be realistic. I know many of us like to think we are superwomen, but if that how you feel superwoman also has a rest. What we do for ourselves doesn’t only benefit us but also those who are around us. Gratitude produces positivity.


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