Hi! I'm Dominique

Always having a love for fitness and martial arts I have made it apart of my mission to train and encourage women to look after themselves more, not just physically, but it comes in hand with mentally and emotionally.Taking care of your wealth, time and health is all apart of the balance.

This gives you a true contentment within yourself. Strength of the mind, body and soul which leads to empowerment. Through eating and exercising to look good, more importantly to feel good. Through food and training making it a way of life that is enjoyed and encouraged among others.

Our lives have many obstacles which sometimes restricts us in doing somethings we need to and want to do.

Having a husband,  4 children, with 2 business and studying what I enjoy, helps me encourage others in making time for ourselves no matter what we're doing.

I am an entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Nutrition consultant,  Mother, Wife, Business owner and a Woman on a mission just like you.



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