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Discover You



Take advantage of what Allaah has blessed you with. Discover & recognise your health, strength, wellness & time through empowerment, education & growth in our 8 weeks program that offers proven techniques used for over 15 years to strengthen & maintain your body & mind, internally & externally for a healthier, happier you using fitness, nutrition and mindset tools including tips from the sunnah. 

Discover You

Are you a busy muslimah mum, wife, business woman, home ed mum, entrepreneur, including all the other roles you action?


 Do you tell yourself:

'I don’t know what healthy foods to cook and it’s too expensive.'

'I don’t know what to cook that is quick and easy.'

'I don’t have the time to exercise.'

'I have to tidy, cook, clean, school I can't find a little down time for myself, let alone sleep well.'

'My body doesn't feel as agile, strong or toned anymore'

'My health is not in the best state or where I want it to be'


I totally get you!

You're usually at the bottom of your to care for list. 

You're not seeing the results you want.

You've lost momentum. 

You've lost confidence.

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Carry out actionable steps with a clear
& better understanding of what you eat is just inside Discover You
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This programme is not about jumping on and off different diets that have you walking around with scales in your hand bag to weigh your food and getting you to focus only on what your body looks like externally.


In Discover you, I teach and guide you step-by-step in creating manageable habits through a series of mindset shifts and practical strategies that will change your outlook on food, wellbeing and fitness and include it in your daily routine and make it a part of your worship as thought it always exsisted. 

My signature program will guide you within a framework of practical ways to incorporate physical movement in your daily routine to make you feel stronger and fitter. Nutrition guidance and education to promote a more fuelful and enjoyable way of eating to enhance your mind and body. Including removing the limiting beliefs, mindset changes to transform and discover you from inside out.

Anas Ibn Malik reported

A man came to the Prophet SAW and he said, " O Messenger of Allah, which supplication is best?" The Prophet SAW said , 'Ask your Lord for health and wellness in this world and in the hereafter. If you are given wellness in the world and in the hereafter you have succeeded.'

Sunan al-Tirmidhi 3521

Khadijah H

I see a change already, even in my energy & mood aswell. I am really feeling a lot better. I'm consistent with my workouts. As for my diet....i'm getting there especially in the moring taking my probiotics, green juice.....I'm feeling really good.


When I started classes I had not done exercise 8 years prior, I was someone who was not interested in exercise whatsoever, I would rather eat a nice chocolate cake.....I went into muay thai classes and I do not believe if I did not attend Habibah's sessions there is no way I would have wanted to progress...


Very professional & motivating. She really pushes you out of your confort zone....Would definietly recommend to others!


I need you to know

You can organise your time to take care of your health around your busy schedule.


Your body can feel strong and energised.


You can control your mind to be consistent in habits that improve your wellbeing.

You can make quick healthy meals.

You can stand longer in salah and sujood without having little to no aches and pains in your body due to weakness and ailments.

You can cook foods that you would like to eat and enjoy even if your family are not ready for the same foods.

You can increase your energy and still do what you do daily.

You can become more focused, productive and change your mindset to help you rather than sabotage you.

What would it mean to be back at the top of your priority list?

You can make your wellness a part of gaining closeness to Allah

You can increase in your remembrance of Allah while doing these things.


Scientific research

Studies have shown 'There is incontrovertible evidence that regular physical activity contributes to the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases and is associated with a reduced risk of premature death.......However, the greatest improvements in health status are seen when people who are least fit become physically active.'


Attending the Habibah’s classes not only gave me stamina and strength it gave me the self-confidence I was looking for.....


....found her to be very professional and motivated. She won't let you away with slacking and pushes you to do your absolute best and give it your full effort .....


...I can say is that she definitely knows her stuff. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense trainer who will help you with fitness goals, then Habibah is definitely your girl!”

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As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. You will be looked after by me Habibah, your accountability partner.

I have coached women for over 10 years helping to navigate through the changes of becoming a busy muslimah with tools that elevate their overall wellbeing while always remembering Allah. 

My experience as a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, brown belt kickboxer has allowed my journey of growth and discipline to successfully navigate through different techniques and principles supporting my overall health, before, during and after having children.

Movement has always be my thing, but to be truthful not always enjoyed from a young age. However, due to this I didn't watch what I ate too much until I had my 3rd child. Having taken antibiotics which wrecked havoc on my gut, I decided to dive into nutrition, aiding myself and changed my families lifestyle. It wasn't easy, but this is where I discovered my love of nutrition, natural healing and wholefoods. As I was teaching fitness classes during and after that pregnancy it lead me to become a pre and post natal coaching specialist. 

All those above thoughts about not having time and knowing what to do, I have had, and said out loud before. So seeing many sisters struggle with overall wellbeing, not knowing where and how to start, especially with a family and not totally understanding how it can be used to gain closeness to Allah, I won't only equit you with methods from my blueprint but include recent scientific research that also aligns with the Sunnah of the Prophet saw in order to build a blueprint that works for you.

I am passionate about empowering women to incorporate wholesome and healthy foods that are quick and easy to make, especially if you have many mouths to feed. I enjoy enhancing womens health, fitness and mental capacities to create a better and sustainable wellbeing.  

Pieces of the puzzle to discover you



We'll be creating new thought processes for positive beliefs and values that produce beneficial outcomes from a more conscious mindset that also integrates practices of Islam from the Quran and Sunnah, while anchoring these to our daily lives.


Learning digestible principles of nutrition, including information about different foods, functions of food labels, portioning, including a variety of recipes allowing you to make mindful and educated decisions that are favourable to your body and mind which are maintainable...and more


I will guide you with live fitness movement sessions building your confidence and techniques, including gifting you with home workouts that can also be done in the gym allowing easy placement in your daily routines. Strength, cardio, agility, mobility, flexibility, hypertrophy, endurance and more. 


You will have me as your accountability partner assisting you through the steps I have already taken to better my wellness as a busy Muslim mum. You will also have access to a support group of growing Muslim women on the same journey with milestone to accomplish.

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You belong here 


Get clarity and direction that you have been looking for to nurture and grow your understanding and confidence in writing your next chapter.

Invest in Discover you and you invest in everything that comes with you.

Ibn Abbas reported

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your free time before your work, and your life before your death.”

Shu’ab al-Imān 9767

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Scientific research

Studies have shown 'Helping patients to eat a diet that is rich in brain food – fish, seafood, beans & legumes, leafy greens and other vegetables, olive oil (monounsaturated fat), yogurt, nuts – can be an effective and relatively simple way to promote mental health'


I understand, change is possible

Being a mum wearing many other hats is not easy to delegate time for yourself again.

I fully get it!....Like a few times over.


My must do's on my list for myself would always be pushed back and delayed to the point where I was no longer on the list. Running on 25%, trying to fill 100%. I had goals and still have, but over the years I have shifted my mindset and followed through with remembering me and more of the blessings that Allah the Giver has bestowed upon me, including health, time, and abilities with age. 

Over the years my experience, skills and knowledge from becoming a qualified brown belt kickboxer, certified personal trainer, pre and post natal coaching specialist and nutrition coach has not only equipt me with incorporating and actioning what I have learned in daliy life, but has allowed me, after Allah, to share and teach other busy women how to cement manageable pieces of the wellness puzzle to fit in their busy lives and make their discovery journey part of their daily worship (ibaadah).

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Program Includes

2 live sessions per week
Fitness test
Body measurement 
Weekly mindset workshop
Habit tracking
Progress tracker
Accountability partner
Weekly challenges including deen, fitness, nutrition & mindset.
Private community group

Homework workouts
Nutrition guidance
Self evaluation worksheet
Juice & smoothie recipes
Meal Plan guidance


Hey Mumma!
I know it's been a long while, too long that you haven't put yourself in the front for a moment to remember you, to discover you. You don't want to feel the regret of not taking the steps when it's given. We will feel less regret when we begin to blossom on small steps and grow, rather than no steps to stay stagnant and remain in a space we don't perform to our true capacity, so join us and commit to shine.